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Stickman: Portal 'Venture

Hello  new tester! If you are seeing this webpage, than you have been chosen to test my currently in early testing video game “stickman: portal ‘venture” !  

Controls (soon, not in game yet.)



C=Open Menu

The current story (not in game yet, subject to change.): 

Stickman lives as a game developer living in a apartment in drawn city, an American town not known to the human eye. recently, a mysterious portal opens up after a nearby research lab incident after You the Player, after getting a connection and opening the portal in the first place. During the crusade to find out what happened, stickman trying to find something else in life hears the player and finds out about the incident. Soon, he decides to explore strange universes with things like Humans,  Geometric shapes,  His school Yearbook, And Geocities-like websites from the 90s. But he may find something else instead.

Install instructions

More info then run anyway.  then, Go though the installer and put a shortcut onto the desktop. only usable for Windows. sorry Mac and Linux users.


Stickman Portal Venture Installer 2 MB

Development log

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